Veteran caregiver advocates Corrine and Tyron Hinton

November 16, 2021 00:44:23
Veteran caregiver advocates Corrine and Tyron Hinton
On the Line
Veteran caregiver advocates Corrine and Tyron Hinton

Show Notes

This week’s episode features retired Marine Staff Sgt. Tyron Hinton and his wife, Dr. Corrine Hinton, an associate professor of English at Texas A&M University-Texarkana.

Tyron had several combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and sustained injuries.

Corrine became a military caregiver for her husband and works to bring awareness and help to the parents, friends and partners who serve in caregiving roles for veterans. She is an alumni fellow with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, which is committed to empowering, supporting and honoring our nation’s military caregivers.

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, and to those who have served and sacrificed, we thank you.

In this episode, guest host Christy Busby Worsham spoke with the Hintons about their journey and experiences, as well as the available resources for military caregivers and veterans.

LINK: Hidden Heroes

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