October 12, 2021


Mayoral candidates' forum

Mayoral candidates' forum
On the Line
Mayoral candidates' forum

Oct 12 2021 | 00:31:01


Show Notes

This week's episode focuses on this year's race for mayor in Texarkana, Texas.

Mayor Bob Bruggeman is seeking a fifth consecutive term in office. Former City Council member Brian Matthews is challenging him for the seat.

For this forum, we provided both candidates the same seven questions in advance and asked them to limit their responses to two minutes each. Both candidates also had the opportunity to make a two-minute closing statement.

They were interviewed separately and their responses were edited together question by question. The responses themselves have not been altered.

We gave the incumbent, Mayor Bruggeman, the first word and the challenger, Dr. Matthews, the last.

Early voting begins October 18, and Election Day is November 2.

As always, the Texarkana Gazette will provide complete coverage of the race and the results.


Bob Bruggeman (Facebook)

Brian Matthews

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