Episode 5

January 13, 2024


Hollis Thornton

Hollis Thornton
On the Line
Hollis Thornton

Jan 13 2024 | 00:31:04


Show Notes

Sharda James joined Karl to talk with University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana instructor Hollis Thornton, who wrote and will direct a live Batman audio drama as a charity fundraiser.

Hollis talked about the project, why he loves comics, the connections between superheroes and Biblical heroes, and a lot more.

He is the artistic director of the Biblical Drama Institute in the Texarkana area and an English faculty member at UAHT, where he teaches composition and literature. His main interests include Biblical literature, medieval literature, and superheroes.

Hollis’ writing has been published in scholarly journals, and he is also an award-winning playwright. He is currently working on an academic book about the intersection of Biblical studies and superhero culture.

LINK: The MultiVerse FunRaiser

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